Nature Feels 

Mesmerized by these purple splattered skies 

Remembering all the special highs and goodbyes 

Overlooking us are the clouds scattered in the sky 

Watching their reflections float by in your eyes 

In that moment

All I wanted was to be 

How I wanted you to feel

Like the harmony when the sky meets 

The sea 

I feel the essence of your universe 

I see you when I close my eyes 

Something so beautiful 

How could anyone ever possibly despise 

To wallow in your enigmatic magnificence 

To appreciate the amalgamation of the colours of your soul 

Digging deeper into the depths of your colourful unknown

Your flaws are what make you imperfectly quintessential 

Every flaw adds to your existential potential 

To love all of you is my true intention  

Like the wind blowing the trees in one direction 

Captivating my being with such ease 

Like the leaves do stems on the trees in the breeze 

Flowers blooming in the loam of your mind 

Sowing seeds of beauty which you then planted in mine 


Beautifully Intriguing 

Crowded mind

Hazy thoughts 

Dilated eyes 

Smoky skies  

Memories made 

People fade 

Battles of the heart lost 

Wars with the mind won

A new page turned 

Another chapter begun 

Friendships survived

Through good and bad times 

All a part of the journey called life

So short but yet so long 

Where God guides 

I try my best to abide

The path always appears 

So many times I’ve been spared 

Down on my knees 

I begged Him please

He picked me up 

Told me to stand on my own two feet 

Though I may trip

I will never fall 

Constantly on the rise 

Even when my back is against the wall 

Breakthroughs orchestrated by the universe

Always arrive 

Right in the nick of time 

He reminds me He’s always looking out 

Always holding me down 

The light shines through from within 

Even though sometimes it might dim 

In the darkness 

I’ll always find me 

My light will always guide me to where I need to be 

There is a reason for everything 

The reason being we don’t always see it

Life’s intricate unpredictability 

Makes the unfolding beautifully intriguing 

Fiending Feelings 

Endure so much in silence 

The idea of sharing what I feel lost all its vibrance 

Don’t wanna fuck the vibe up

Anxiety gone right up 

On rapid, my mind is stuck 

Been wondering if it’s just a bout of bad luck 

Not so sure if I’m really happy anymore 

Or if I even care at all 

The moments clock by 

And I’m not sure how or why 

Days go by, then weeks 

Now it’s 2017 

Slowly trying to reconnect 

Just one more attempt 

I couldn’t possibly relay this feeling 

I can barely allow myself to feel it 

Suppressed so much for so long 

I no longer know which ones are right or wrong 

All I can do is never retreat 

After all

How can I retreat from me 

With the dawn 

Another chance has spawned 

The rising of the moon 

Letting me know a new beginning is coming soon 

Regardless of the pain I feel

I’ll never stop giving and receiving 

My love will out live me 

Long after I’ve completed this journey 

One thing I’ve found 

Is that my heart knows no bounds 

It’s resilience has made my spirit strong 

Even though the road can be so long 

As long as my soul can withhold 

All the things that are about to unfold 

Cryptic Vividity 

Leave it all in the air 

It’ll be gone when the smoke clears 

Standing, feet firmly planted into the ground 

His spirit surrounds 

That’s the way I’m gonna die 

Rather than kneeling with my neck to the sky 

Stand for something 

Or end up falling for anything 

Speak from your heart 

But first let it filter through your mind 

Words are said in but a second 

But once they come out it lingers for a lifetime 

Be aware of the impact you have on people

Take time to notice how you treat yourself 

Aim to be a light in other’s lives

Don’t make it harder for them to live with themselves 

My energy creates its own synergy

I react to the greatness that is in me 

Lived many lives in many places

Now in this time I exist in this space 

Fractured thoughts 

Used as lessons 

I speak of things 

Not of this time procession 

Meditation could help refreshen 

The lives I’ve lived before this time progression 

Come back to me in the form of dreams and deja vu 

So incredibly vivid I just know It’s true 

I’m not easily shaken in my convictions 

And when they’re shattered 

I’m still left with the splinters 

I’m still discovering more about me

But I already know my heart 

And I know my destiny 

It’s to be as great as I say I will be 

Daily Word Prompt: Passionate Encounters of the Heart

The type of person that I am 

Requires a depth most won’t comprehend or possess 

An uncontrollable fire 

One that can be caressed and consoled 

By the arms of my fiery soul 

One that grows when love is shown 

For the things you hold close to you heart 

And for the things you cannot hold

Your passion is a part 

Of why I could love you 

Of why I probably do

Our hearts still bruised and cold 

From the stories we’ve previously told 

Ones that have dimmed our shine 

Over time 

From the times we put our hearts on the line 

We’ve now ascended to this place 

Though we’ve much left to go 

Much left to grow 

Undiscovered passions within ourselves

Between us 

Something so incredibly far from lust 

The beginning of something so raw and pure 

Can only lead to so much more 

Don’t let anything diminish that passion 

Or fire 

Our fire 

Stay true to you 

To the things you love 

To me

Just burn, baby