Beautifully Intriguing 

Crowded mind

Hazy thoughts 

Dilated eyes 

Smoky skies  

Memories made 

People fade 

Battles of the heart lost 

Wars with the mind won

A new page turned 

Another chapter begun 

Friendships survived

Through good and bad times 

All a part of the journey called life

So short but yet so long 

Where God guides 

I try my best to abide

The path always appears 

So many times I’ve been spared 

Down on my knees 

I begged Him please

He picked me up 

Told me to stand on my own two feet 

Though I may trip

I will never fall 

Constantly on the rise 

Even when my back is against the wall 

Breakthroughs orchestrated by the universe

Always arrive 

Right in the nick of time 

He reminds me He’s always looking out 

Always holding me down 

The light shines through from within 

Even though sometimes it might dim 

In the darkness 

I’ll always find me 

My light will always guide me to where I need to be 

There is a reason for everything 

The reason being we don’t always see it

Life’s intricate unpredictability 

Makes the unfolding beautifully intriguing 


Daily Word Prompt: From the Sidewalk to the Street

A wallflower 

But on a wall of her own 

Seeing the world from the sidewalk 

But never from the street 

As the world passes her by 

All the passers by 

Tempted to take that one step 

Out of her comfort zone 

Unto the pavement 

Thinking about all the possibilities 

The impossibilities 

As well as the consequences 

Being overwhelmed by it all 

She stalls 

So tempted 

But stricken with fear 

Of the uncertainty that awaits

On the other side 

All it takes is that first step 

Off the the sidewalk 

And unto the street.