Daily Word Prompt: Stumped, But Can’t Be Stopped

Knowing where you’re going but not quite sure about how to get there. Knowing not where to start or how. But just knowing. Stuck in some kind of rut, waiting for some phenomena to propel me to a place of certainty. I feel like I’m so behind, because there’s so much to do in this life. 

I pray for direction, focus and perseverance. The keys to the fruition of my day and night dreams. I feel fear, so I know my dreams are big enough. Doubt is also present but it’ll keep me on my toes. It will allow room for improvement as I grow.I also ask for the right auras in my presence. Ones who share similar visions. Ones whose dreams are as vivid. Creative minds alike, destined for greatness. Ones who will help me discover my full potential. Stump