Letting Go 

You’ve been so strong for so long 

It seems easier to just not feel 

But you know that’s a big lie 

Because somehow, someway 

The pain starts to build 

Wherever you tried to bury it 

And like an unsettled soul 

It resurfaces from the grave 

But not in its previous form

No, it’s more haunting 

My soul crippled by the festering pains 

I’ve  managed to keep hidden so low below 

Sealed with my signature smile

But sooner or later 

That smile begins to fade into the abyss

As I fall deeper and deeper into my darkness 

I’ve been here many times before 

But each time feels like the first time 

Each pain feels unidentifiable 

Each tear represents every act of neglect 

I did myself 

I rediscover 

I have to hold on to let it go 


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