Letting Go 

You’ve been so strong for so long 

It seems easier to just not feel 

But you know that’s a big lie 

Because somehow, someway 

The pain starts to build 

Wherever you tried to bury it 

And like an unsettled soul 

It resurfaces from the grave 

But not in its previous form

No, it’s more haunting 

My soul crippled by the festering pains 

I’ve  managed to keep hidden so low below 

Sealed with my signature smile

But sooner or later 

That smile begins to fade into the abyss

As I fall deeper and deeper into my darkness 

I’ve been here many times before 

But each time feels like the first time 

Each pain feels unidentifiable 

Each tear represents every act of neglect 

I did myself 

I rediscover 

I have to hold on to let it go 


Cryptic Vividity 

Leave it all in the air 

It’ll be gone when the smoke clears 

Standing, feet firmly planted into the ground 

His spirit surrounds 

That’s the way I’m gonna die 

Rather than kneeling with my neck to the sky 

Stand for something 

Or end up falling for anything 

Speak from your heart 

But first let it filter through your mind 

Words are said in but a second 

But once they come out it lingers for a lifetime 

Be aware of the impact you have on people

Take time to notice how you treat yourself 

Aim to be a light in other’s lives

Don’t make it harder for them to live with themselves 

My energy creates its own synergy

I react to the greatness that is in me 

Lived many lives in many places

Now in this time I exist in this space 

Fractured thoughts 

Used as lessons 

I speak of things 

Not of this time procession 

Meditation could help refreshen 

The lives I’ve lived before this time progression 

Come back to me in the form of dreams and deja vu 

So incredibly vivid I just know It’s true 

I’m not easily shaken in my convictions 

And when they’re shattered 

I’m still left with the splinters 

I’m still discovering more about me

But I already know my heart 

And I know my destiny 

It’s to be as great as I say I will be