Dilemmas of my Darkness 

Constantly at battle with my mind 

It’s a constant war inside 

Worrying about the darkness taking precedence over the light 

It’s kind of ironic 

Because I find so much comfort in the night 

It’s probably because I blend in so perfectly 

Or possibly because the darkness in me is me 

The moon shine provides just enough ease 

Just long enough for me to feel the night’s breeze 

Is it the fear of embracing parts of my soul 

Things I’d rather not show

The parts that aren’t ideally things I’d like to feel

The things I don’t see myself seeing 

My universe finds it so hard to find the balance between my sun and moon 

I become conflicted by some of the thoughts and feelings my mind blooms 

What if they don’t turn out to be pretty flowers

What if all they are are black roses filled with thorns 

Would they still be considered beautiful 

Or would they be seen as something harmful 

So many unanswered questions that float around 

As I watch them float above my smoky crown 

So many things left unsettled in the air 

I managed to let go of some of the things my heart couldn’t bare 

The blood that flows through my prideful veins 

Fills my heart with all these unnecessary strains 

The most beautiful breakthroughs come after the ugliest breakdowns

Right before it feels like in my feelings I’m about to drown

Each one comes when I’m just about to give in 

Give in to the battles I fight within 

Somehow the light always comes shining through 

Just when I thought the darkness was all I knew 


Daily Word Prompt: Dare to be Daring 

Wear what the fuck you want to wear

Don’t let anyone tell you how to wear your beautifully curled hair 

All that is you 

Is who are are 

You can’t possibly be for everyone 

Once you stay true to yourself 

Half the battle you’ve already won 

Dare to be daring 

Push yourself to the brink 

Challenge the constraints of your comfort zone

On your talents spend time to hone 

Keep daring yourself to not care what they might say

Keep doing what you’re meant to do 

Even it means getting those clueless stares 

Those who matter will appreciate you

Just be patient 

Great things take time 

The manifestations of the mind 

Along with the help of the divine 

Your dreams will slowly unwind 

Sometimes you have to be willing to colour outside the line 

Don’t worry you’ll be just fine. 


Daily Word Prompt: Breakthrough 

Crowded mind

Hazy thoughts 

Dilated eyes 

Smoky skies  

Memories made 

People fade 

Battles of the heart lost 

Wars with the mind won

A new page turned 

Another chapter begun 

Friendships survived 

Through good and bad times 

All a part of the journey called life

So short but yet so long 

Where God guides 

I try my best to abide

The path always appears 

So many times I’ve been spared 

Down on my knees 

I begged Him please

He picked me up 

Told me to stand on my feet 

Though I may trip

I will never fall 

Constantly on the rise 

Even when my back is against the wall 

Breakthroughs orchestrated by the universe

Always arrive 

Right in the nick of time 

He reminds me He’s always looking out 

Always holding me down 

The light shines through from within 

Even though sometimes it might dim 

In the darkness 

I’ll always find me 

My light will always guide me to where I need to be 

There is a reason for everything 

The reason being we don’t always see it

Life’s intricate unpredictability 

Makes the unfolding beautifully intriguing