Daily Word Prompt: Passionate Encounters of the Heart

The type of person that I am 

Requires a depth most won’t comprehend or possess 

An uncontrollable fire 

One that can be caressed and consoled 

By the arms of my fiery soul 

One that grows when love is shown 

For the things you hold close to you heart 

And for the things you cannot hold

Your passion is a part 

Of why I could love you 

Of why I probably do

Our hearts still bruised and cold 

From the stories we’ve previously told 

Ones that have dimmed our shine 

Over time 

From the times we put our hearts on the line 

We’ve now ascended to this place 

Though we’ve much left to go 

Much left to grow 

Undiscovered passions within ourselves

Between us 

Something so incredibly far from lust 

The beginning of something so raw and pure 

Can only lead to so much more 

Don’t let anything diminish that passion 

Or fire 

Our fire 

Stay true to you 

To the things you love 

To me

Just burn, baby



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