Daily Word Prompt: Zing

Another sunrise

Brings a renewed energy in me

A new day 

Another chance 

To fulfill unfinished dreams of yesterday

Infinite gratitude 

My mood for life 

Regardless of sadness and strife 

Blessings in disguise 

But I see them clearly 

The signs that He’s always near me 

They comfort me in my times of need 

He gives me strength 

Fills my soul with vigor and vitality 

Richness in spirit and soul 

Set the tone 

For what’s to come 

On the brink of greatness 

You won’t want to miss this 

As I rise like a Phoenix 

And I’m reborn 

Every sunrise 

A constant rebirth of myself

One step closer to who I will be

Who I was yesterday 

Is but a memory 

A benchmark for my growth 

A lesson in its entirety 

I’m thankful for the sunrise each morning 

Because after the nights 

I need that extra  Zing!


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