The Power of Words 

Unsaid words 

Morph into unpleasant actions 

The ones said 

Receive unfavourable reactions 

Great care should be taken 

With words 

What feelings we awaken 

Sticks and stones break bones 

But words

Words penetrate the soul 

They should be enriching to the mind 

Used only for healing and growth 

If it’s not nice 

Say nothing 

If it inspires

Say it once

Say it twice 

So much power in spoken word 

So much understanding when it’s written 

Strength for the weak 

Vulnerability for the strong 

Coming from a particular someone 

They turn you on 

Providing a blue print for all things 

Somewhat of a labyrinth 

Speak joy into people’s souls 

With words

Speak your way into my heart 

With your actions, stay 

Love me with your words 

And show me 

Show me how you feel 

Words and actions go hand in hand 

Make them add up. 


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