A reminder to self 

They don’t have your heart. They don’t love the way you do. Reciprocation isn’t promised. Don’t do it for them. Do it because you want to. Don’t count favours. Good deeds are just that. Not means to an exchange of some sort. Give without expectation. Good will always follow unexpectedly. Sometimes life may seem unfair. And, it might be. But it depends on your perspective. Are you a half cup full. Or a half cup empty. Life is short. Yet the longest thing you do. Make the most of it. From your talents make a profit. Live everyday to inspire. You and your onlookers. Love you. Love you how you want to be loved. At the end of the day. That will dictate the quality of your life. As well as the quality of your heart …


The art that is you

You are like a work of art. You are a work of art. Everyone will have their own opinion of you. That’s not your concern. Some won’t be fond of you while others will love you. The only ones that matter are those who you matter to. Be timeless. You’re never out of style. Always remember there’s only one you. You’ll meet others like you. But only you can be the best you. Learn to appreciate the similarities and differences you share with them. Invest in yourself and your craft. Use it to inspire others. You can be anything you want to be. Believe that. Be patient with your excellence. Like a masterpiece; great things take time. 

My love 

My love is like the ocean 

Pure and without end 

It washes over you like a wave

Crashing into itself 

It’s depth 

As undiscovered as the ocean’s floor